Month: February 2014

Project Values

Part of our process was to establish the values of our project.  In additional to our STEM and literacy goals these themes emerged as the values we wanted to embed in the learning space showing the relationship between knowledge and life.

Maggie, Mike, and Bunsen Values:
Design integrity – Model true scientific and mathematic investigation as well as the iterative process of design.  Engage children in theory generation, research, prototyping, testing and explanation where even more questions emerge as the theory and/or prototype are refined.
Gender equity – Encourage girls to pursue science and engineering as a course of study.
Collaborative community – Model the strength of a focused community of like-minded hard workers as they pursue solutions together.
Grateful spirit – Awaken the spirit of appreciation for what one has in their life.  Assist each child in recognizing their privilege and opportunity and empower them to act out of that appreciation by offering support, family, and opportunity to those in need.
Social responsibility – Model the relationship between privilege and responsibility by showing good stewardship.
Purposeful parenting – Model authentic parent action as they use compassion, laughter, and love to intentionally develop their children as individuals, assist them in developing their unique voice, and empower them to use who they are to impact others in positive impacting ways.
Cultural relevance – Expose our audience to various cultures introducing the role of culture in a society’s social norms.  Cultivate a respect for the differences in behaviors, values, and beliefs.